Sussex branch donates £500 to UNISON Energy Support Fund

Outside of the support we offer within the branch, don’t forget there are a number of other benefits offered to you as a UNISON member. As well as health, travel and insurance deals and savings, UNISON manages a welfare charity called There for You which gives advice and support for members experiencing financial or emotional difficulty.

UNISON’s Cost of Living Campaign launched this Autumn. As part of this, UNISON Welfare provided the Energy Support Fund to help members with rising fuel costs. As a branch, we were able to support this by donating £500.
We are grateful that your membership allows us to not only help our Sussex staff community, but with wider campaigns such as this which directly support members nationally.

Kathy O’Regan is our branch Welfare Officer. Kathy works in the Students’ Union as an advisor. Kathy’s role is to help members who face emotional or financial challenges, and to signpost members to relevant resources and organisations. Kathy can also help members access wider support offered by There for You.

If you want to speak to someone confidentially, get in touch with Kathy at