Protect the right to strike!

Our right to strike is under attack.

Rishi Sunak has just detailed his anti-union legislation and plans to introduce new laws in the coming weeks.

It means that when workers democratically vote to strike, they could be forced to work and sacked if they don’t. That’s wrong, unworkable, and almost certainly illegal.

These new laws are a direct attack on working people’s fundamental right to strike to defend their pay, terms and conditions.

Why is this important?

This government has gone from clapping key workers to threatening them with the sack if they take lawful action for a pay rise.

Instead of listening to the concerns of working people and negotiating fair deals, Rishi Sunak has decided to undermine the right to strike.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to hurt workers everywhere, we need to be able to stand together and choose to strike when we must. These laws will do nothing to fix this crisis – they will make it even harder for working people to get pay rises.

Every working person is under attack from these new laws. Add your name and join the campaign. We must defend the right to strike.

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Megaphone UK is a project of the TUC, in collaboration with our 48 member unions and the nearly 5.5 million union members in the UK. Megaphone supports unions to start and run campaigns to make our workplaces and communities fairer.

Working people joining together can change things. For more than 150 years, unions have fought for safer workplaces and wages you can build a life on. And today we’re needed more than ever to make sure every job is a decent job and everyone at work is treated with respect.

Whether it’s on the picket line, marching at a rally or signing a petition, we know big change only comes when we stand together.

Megaphone UK works in partnership with the Australian iteration of the platform, hosted by Victorian Trades Hall Council.