Save our ticket offices


It’s official. Train operators have announced plans to close up to 1,000 ticket offices.

These closures would be catastrophic for passengers in general, particularly for disabled people, the elderly, people with learning difficulties, non-English speakers, and many more people who rely on being able to speak to someone at a station in order to get around.

Ticket office staff ensure we get expert advice on the best and cheapest ways to travel, and above all else they keep us safe.

With only three weeks to take part in the public consultation, we need to make it clear just how many of us object to these planned closures.

Can you take two minutes to respond to your train company’s consultation and object to the closure of ticket offices?

The RMT has prepared template letters for each train operator. Wherever possible, please add in details to the consultation responses about which ticket offices you are particularly concerned about and why you want them to stay open.

Select your local train operator from the list below and take two minutes to send them an email:

180 million journeys were made last year by people who used ticket offices. Attacking these services is not in the interests of passengers, it only serves the short-termism and selfish interests of train operating companies.

These planned closures are designed to protect the profits of the train companies and cut the jobs of loyal staff. Statutory redundancy notices have already been issued for hundreds of railway workers. And if this plan goes through, there will be further job cuts.

We need to act immediately to defend railway workers jobs and to protect this vital service on behalf of the millions of rail passengers who rely on it.

 For more information about the campaign, take a look at the RMT’s homepage.

Time is short. Please have your say and respond to the consultation now.