TUC Conference: Economics for workers not wealth

2 February 2023 8:30am–4:00pm

  • What do the current state of the public finances mean for public services, pay rises and an economy for workers?
  • Who are the winners and losers from the current pay crisis ?
  • Breakout sessions on the building blocks for a workers’ economy, including minimum wages, industrial strategy and addressing personal debt
  • The international landscape for a workers’ economy
  • Why central bank policy matters for working people

We are honoured to have the following agenda featuring distinguished speakers, each with a long background in the public debate around economic policy:

9:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Introductory remarks from Paul Nowak (TUC General Secretary)

10:15 Panel 1: Doom loops, black holes and macroeconomic institutions

  • Chair: Kate Bell (TUC Assistant General Secretary)
  • Robert Calvert Jump (Greenwich Uni)
  • Jo Michell (University of West of England)
  • Geoff Tily (TUC Chief Economist)
  • Dr Philip Turner (formally Bank for International Settlements)

11:30 Panel 2: The winners and losers of the current pay crisis

  • Chair: Kudsia Batool (TUC Head of Equalities
  • Alex Collinson (TUC Policy Officer)
  • Stewart Lansley (University of Bristol)
  • Heather Wakefield (Women’s Budget Group)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Breakout sessions

Breakout session 1: Fight for Fifteen – A £15 minimum wage

  • Afzal Rahman (TUC Policy Lead)
  • Speakers from unions

Breakout session 2: Industrial strategy and a green economy

  • Anna Markova (TUC policy lead)
  • Mika Minio (TUC policy lead)
  • Helen Thomas (Financial Times)

Breakout session 3: Addressing personal debt

  • Joe Cox (Debt Justice)
  • Yvonne Fovargue MP (APPG on Debt and Personal Finance)
  • Lalitha Try (Resolution Foundation)
  • Ray Davies (Citizens Advice)

14:30 Panel 3: The international landscape for a workers’ economy

  • Chair: Sarah-Jane Clifton (Economic Change Unit)
  • Ann Pettifor (Prime Economics)
  • Filip Stefanović (Trade Union Advisory Committee at the OECD)
  • Randeep Ramesh (The Guardian)
  • Andrew Martin Fischer (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

16:00 END

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